Events & Questions

  • Information gaps, inconsistencies and/or improvable efficiencies are identified
  • A long-term & sustainable improvement of the earning capacity is defined as objective
  • Establishment of comparability of different business divisions or subsidiaries is desired
  • "How do I improve the balance sheet ratios in a stagnating revenue and earnings situation?"
  • Desire to discover general optimisation potentials and elaboration of concrete packages of measures
  • Unprofitable large-scale project – what was the reason for the loss and which recommendation for action is available?

Offer BE²  Consulting in the area of OPTIMISATION

  • Optimisation concepts for commercial processes to increase efficiency and quality with the aim to significantly improve all relevant KPIs as well as earnings and balance sheet ratios
  • Enabling comparability in the evaluation of individual operational group companies
  • Conceptual development or further development of the opportunity and risk management – especially in large-scale project business
  • Enhance and optimise the areas controlling and finance including controlling processes, reporting, opportunities and risk analyses
  • Improvement of an existing transnational investment controlling
  • Enhancement of corporate standards for the evaluation of work in progress, e.g. in relation to process, subsequent evaluation as well as cash and risk management
  • Optimisation of internal auditing processes
  • Adjustment of HR processes including personnel planning, performance-related remuneration models, succession plan as well as further training and development measures