Wealthy growth


Events & Questions

  • There is uncertainty about the general growth potential of a company or at management level
  • Sales are stagnating or declining
  • Change of managing partner(s) / generational succession
  • Changing market conditions require growth with regard to the portfolio or the target market
  • The search for strategic partners is in the planning stage or requires interimistic leadership
  • The pressure of managing partners, shareholders etc. increases
  • Desire for the improvement of the market situation (due to competitive pressure)
  • Desire for the strategic purchase of market shares
  • The assessment of a potential takeover candidate should be carried out professionally
  • A blueprint for growth exists, the implementation & next steps are yet open (-> elaboration of a concrete package of measures)
  • The purchasing power for an acquisition is available e.g. after a divestment
  • Different growth scenarios (acquisition, IPO, merger…) should be evaluated and made comparable
  • Help is sought for the selection of appropriate partners

Offer BE² Consulting in the area of WEALTHY GROWTH

  • Development of concepts for the geographical and/or performance-related diversification of the current corporate portfolio
  • Elaboration and implementation of market entry strategies to expand the business activities
  • Evaluation of M&A targets to create a meaningful basis for decisions
  • Design of precise and effective take-over strategies (for example by using the so-called "earn-out" method)
  • Managing of international and national M&A projects and transactions in close cooperation with internal departments and external specialists
  • Conduct of negotiations with all parties, on either side - buyer or seller, in coordination with the decision-makers as well as a reliable reporting
  • Extensive planning, coordination and support for the establishment of new companies
  • Market analyses to identify existing and potential sales volumes, derived trends and country-specific framework conditions
  • Development and providing of risk analyses to enable company divisions / subsidiaries to accept challenging projects