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  • A loss-making or less profitable company is to be divested
  • The declining earnings situation is identified – Now an internal benchmark to identify the companies or business units to be restructured or to be divested is missing

Offer BE²  Consulting in the area of RESTRUCTURING

  • Development of a turnaround concept based on the analysis of processes and key figures as decision-making basis for the company's management
  • Support, coaching and, if necessary, assumption of responsibility for the entire turnaround process
  • Reorganisation and restructuring of companies or individual business units in a changed market environment
  • Carry out a portfolio analysis of all or selected business units
  • Planning and execution of spin-offs or divestments to improve the company's long-term earnings situation
  • Restructuring and rebuilding of companies, e.g. after dismissal of the management
  • Integration of entities into superordinate structures of the group of companies combined with closure of non-profitable business units of these entities
  • Identification of accurate losses and key ratios as well as the derivation of appropriate measures